Sula Space

Sula Space è il luogo giusto per condividere pensieri, nuove idee, trovate divertenti e informazioni preziose con tutti gli altri utenti di Sulantra. In questo spazio troverete inoltre tutte le novità di inclusi gli aggiornamenti sui corsi di lingua!

A new journey in life

This short video shows how just a little language opens doors to a new world of life experiences. A group of tourists study Sulantra's Khmer course then head to Southeast Asia to test their communication skills as they shop, ask for directions, order in restaurants and more in Cambodia! They survive on the streets of Siem Reap then challenge themselves by heading into the countryside where they teach kids origami and learn how to cook some local dishes. For this group, travel will never be the same. A little language definitely goes a long way!

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